Motion Sensor Wiring

Top tips on configuring and wiring for LumenCache.
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Motion Sensor Wiring

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Hello. I am working on behalf of the Lumafi Arts (California) team in San Diego. Can someone please explain to me the correct wiring for the motion sensor? On the site, I believe this is called the "Occupancy Switch - In Ceiling."

This switch appears to be an open-collector style of design, so it appears to require current-limiting resistors to limit the amount of current required/consumed (sunk) by the switch. We are able to dig for more information but want to ensure we are wiring things correctly.

I appreciate your guidance in advance,
Lydell Aaron

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Re: Motion Sensor Wiring

Post by dc »

On the Cat5 that has the L2-SW or L2-DM or L2-WP module (the input/control module) in the PDM, connect the motion sensor to a SIB accessory harness. They have 4 wires coming out:
Black (G) Connect to Occupancy sensor GND or Vin-
Red (12V+) Connect to Occupancy sensor 12Vin+
Green (C) don't need to connect (this is the "Common" wire)
White (S) Connect to the Occupancy sensor "B" output through a 7500-ohm resistor. (This is the "Switch" wire)

You can add momentary switches to the same Cat5 like the L3-WK-D decora switch. This allows manual control of the light as well as setting the dim/restore level the occupancy sensor will trigger. You can also add a light on the same wire, just put the appropriate driver on top of the L2-DM module at the PDM.

If you have TWO motion sensors, there's an adapter to do that to make wiring the 7500-ohm resistor a snap. Just plug the adapter in as per the drawing <will add link later when new website is up>.

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