L-WP1.x Alternate Mode 6 Operation

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L-WP1.x Alternate Mode 6 Operation

Postby dc » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:36 pm

Mode 6 allows a single momentary pushbutton to command lights OFF--RESUME--FULL--OFF, stepping through the states each time you press and release the button.

Thanks to feedback from out dealers (Thanks Peter and Mark!) we added an Alternate Mode 6 setting. It does require a gateway or RS485 adapter to make the setting change but it is stored in EEPROM so you can set it once and leave it. If you don't want the ID set after setting the Alt Mode 6 you can set it to an ID you don't poll.

Alternate Mode 6 is OFF--RESUME--OFF.

You can set the DEFAULT RESUME level in EEPROM using [id,2xxx] where xxx is 001 to 255. It is scaled between min and max automatically. You can raise or lower by holding the switch just like default mode 6. Holding when setting is above 50% dims and holding while setting is below 50% raises.

Turn ON Alternate Mode 6: [id,811]
Turn OFF Alternate Mode 6: [id,810]

Firmware version 170306.01 and later have this feature.

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