Off the Grid Hobbit Hole

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Off the Grid Hobbit Hole

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We're building a 2400 sqft Hobbit Hole. It's an L-shaped dome with a basement. The dome is reinforced fiberglass that gets buried with dirt and grass. I was just introduced to LumenCache a few days ago and it seems like a great fit for our house. We're going to be totally off the grid; solar/battery, well water, septic, and even a geothermal system for heating and cooling.
I'm excited to learn and share.
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Re: Off the Grid Hobbit Hole

Post by dc »

Great to meet you today and so excited to learn about your DIY channel and Hobbit Home project! Scott Dixon, 5x IndyCar Racing Champ has LumenCache in his Indianapolis home and is from New Zealand. Would be great to have him do a video voiceover tour of the home with that perfect Kiwi accent :D

We have more in common than we touched on in the call. I just saw you converted your beetle to EV. I have a 1955 Porsche 356C Speedster KitCar (1972 beetle underneath) I've been keeping to convert to EV...someday. Kind of busy at the moment plus it's on the other side of the planet.

Looking forward to helping with this unique home and watching you Hack The Home with LumenCache.

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