Whole House LumenCache Lighting System - SouthWest Ohio

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Whole House LumenCache Lighting System - SouthWest Ohio

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Here are some photos of our home with lighting powered by LumenCache.
My goal with the system was energy/cost efficiency for the lighting with eventual use of
smart home automation software for control.

Installed system components:
3 Wall Enclosures, 6 Fans
3 AC/DC Power Supply/Battery Charger 600W 24V
6 100W Solar Panels, 3 Solar Charge Controllers, 6 12V Batteries
6 Power Distribution Modules (PDM)
6 PDM Accessory Power Regulators (APR), 3 - 6W, 3 – 12W, only 2 are 24-48V
34 Switch/Keypad Input 1 Zone PDM Controllers (DM), dimming, communicating
72 Constant Current Drivers (CC), Dimmable 30W
12 Switched Voltage Drivers (SV), Dimmable 50W
14 Wall Switches, Decora
5 Wall TouchPads, 1 – 8 Button, 4 – 4 Button
1 Daylight Sensor, Ceiling
7 Occupancy Sensors, 4 Wall, 3 Ceiling
16 Filament Led Bulbs
12 Led Strip Lights
61 Recessed Ceiling Lights
6 Gimbal Recessed Lights
9 Surface Mount Ceiling Lights

Outside Lighting – Filament Bulbs and Recessed Fixtures

Kitchen – Recessed, Gimbal and Led Strip (undercabinet) Fixtures

Great Room – Recessed Lighting

Dining Area – Recessed Ceiling, Filament Bulbs in China Cabinet

Entryway – Filament Bulbs

LumenCache Enclosures

Solar Panels

Exterior - Recessed
Ken Fickas

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