Home Theater Project

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Home Theater Project

Postby j0hnny » Tue May 02, 2017 1:52 am

I'm re-lighting my home theater taking out halogen cans and replacing them with LEDs. This is the first phase of a larger project.

The room has 7 4" cans that will be replaced with LEDs and one counter light that will be replaced with a two color light. There are four switches, two on one side of the room and two on the other. I may add one or two more LED cans. I have a conduit from the room into the garage where the equipment will be located.

I'm in the pre-wiring phase and I'm trying to determine where to run the cable. The wiring chart in the documentation describe various ways to daisy chain the lights and switches. The how it works page calls for one cable per fixture. Am I correct in thinking that running a separate cable to each fixture will provide some advantages either now or down the road? If so, what are the advantages? If not, other than voltage limits, what factors go into wiring decisions?

Can you point me to where I can learn more about how to design and build a system?


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Re: Home Theater Project

Postby dc » Tue May 02, 2017 3:21 pm

Home run wires to each fixture removes any limitations from the wire for a tiny incremental cost.

Gen1 drivers are currently 16w so you can get 2 lights per cat5 home run with plenty of space. New 40W drivers are in the pipeline now.

Another version with an accessory will allow 4 lights and a switch on 1 cat5. Perfect for bedrooms and small rooms. We will recommend running a separate switch wire if you don't have 2 charging jacks in the room that can become multi-function hotspots later.

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Re: Home Theater Project

Postby j0hnny » Fri May 05, 2017 9:50 pm

Thanks dc for the information.

Are fixtures on the same cable run individually addressable?

I'm just starting a project now and haven't purchased any hardware, other than cable. I'm adding on the cable run to a plumbing project that has opened up the walls and ceilings.

Should I plan on a 40W system or for 16W?


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