Z Wave or Zigbee control?

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Kris Tibbitts
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Z Wave or Zigbee control?

Post by Kris Tibbitts »

Any one with any idea of how to make the system work as either Z Wave or Zigbee. This could fix a lot of the control issues. Most all of the control systems out there can use one or both. I am particularly looking for Z Wave in my application. But if there was some way to use it so that each Zone/Device was considered a Z device, that would make this system super flexible.

I know that there are USB and and add on boards for the Raspberry Pi, I just have no idea where to start. Even if I could be directed to hire someone.


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Re: Z Wave or Zigbee control?

Post by ProSecurity »

I have done a little research on this and definitely think it is doable. I have used a device from Somfy called a ZRTSI that translates their proprietary RF signal into Zwave. It's totally useless for our application but what I found unique is the ability for it to have 16 channels. By using it, we could "create" 16 different zwave devices and learn them into our gateway. Using a rasp pi and zwave plugon module, I don't see any reason why we couldn't create channels that correspond to the device addresses on the lumencache loads and then learn them into a zwave gateway. My biggest concern would be the inherit latency of zwave and controlling that many lights. We have done projects with 50+ zwave lights and it can take close to a minute to "turn off all". However, the fact that we a combining light loads into a multi-channel zwave receiver may actually solve this issue and speed up the process by reducing the number of hops between nodes. I hope to bench test this in the next couple of months and will let you know what I discover.

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Re: Z Wave or Zigbee control?

Post by dc »

There's new Tuya.com modules coming this Spring. The first one is a plug in module at the top Comm bus like the EGW that works like the EGW. Another will be like an L2-APR-12W with the Tuya.com Wifi +BT built in. Then just plug in a Tuya gateway and have all the Z-Wave and Zigbee integration.

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