DC power infrastructure design engineers wanted

Top tips on configuring and wiring for LumenCache.
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DC power infrastructure design engineers wanted

Postby dc » Sat Dec 10, 2016 6:58 pm

LumenCache is a DC Nanogrid. It is the last leg of power distribution in buildings terminating at each device and providing integrated communications and basic power management functions.

Each Port supports up to 48W for LibRE and 100W for Gen2 lines. This results in typical panel supply power of 600W. Gen2 LumenCache panels go as high as 4800W.

Getting power TO LumenCache panels is solved by traditional AC supply of 120VAC or 240VAC or for maximum efficiency attach it to DC power infrastructure. A multitude of DC-DC adapter cards snap into the Power Management Module to match the supply voltage specification.

Using all-DC power yields savings of 5-15% just in power transfer efficiency. The best AC-DC available today is 87% efficient while the DC-DC adapter is 97% efficient. It is also 1/10th the size and weight.

Many standards exist worldwide. In the USA, 380VDC is popular and is used by products like the Tesla Powerwall. In China, 310VDC and 615VDC are popular.

Designing the power infrastructure for a building is the job of design engineers and electricians with experience in DC power.

Use this forum topic to find experienced engineering teams who can ensure your power backbone is designed correctly.

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