Derek Cowburn introduction

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Derek Cowburn introduction

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Hello! I'll start by introducing myself. I'm the founder of LumenCache. I've coded since I was 14 when I sold my first software package for the Apple II. Since then my Android phone crashed when chatting with Tim Cook at an event in Shenzhen where I spend most of my time. My first autonomous robot took first place the first year and second place the second year so I didn't compete a third year as I didn't like that trend. My first job out of college was managing a 50 building campus of the most advanced building automation systems for research and office buildings. I saved millions in operations and installation cost and was surrounded by expert peers who enjoyed my creativity and vision. Together we made systems that are still the benchmark of high performance, high efficiency, low operating cost, and low maintenance cost. I've done commercial and residential smart buildings (like actually smart, not just remote controlled) and took all that experience and creativity and found a better way to power and control most of the devices in homes and buildings.

This vision requires the support of the people who actually make the buildings: builders. So LumenCache is upending an industry that is 40 years older than the factory built automobile. It is deeply rooted in compliance, safety, tradition, standards, and is the foundation of all modern conveniences in society. Overturning this deep history is not accomplished easily, nor out of ego. It is done because its time has come. Technology has replaced every electricity consuming device with electronics that natively prefer Direct Current. The production of energy has also transitioned to lower cost, and fortunately, cleaner, solar energy. Batteries unlock the PV source intermittency gap so the last piece of the puzzle is the transmission lines in between and the ability to monitor and control every powered device.

LumenCache embeds control into the power transmission network inside buildings. It solves all the gaps that hold back the broad adoption of smart building conveniences. And it does it in a way that is familiar to builders and home buyers. It starts out "dumb" with the same simplicity as AC lighting, then transforms in minutes to a completely controlled system. It's the only platform that can make this transformation. The next gen will solve 5G indoors and also enable AI to truly make our homes and buildings Smart.

Derek Sivers said "The first follower transforms a Lone Nut into a Leader". I'm honored to have so many great supporters and peers who see past the status quo and want to see the next steps of my inspired vision unfold.

I look forward to seeing your introductions. Tell a little story or simply say "Hi, I'm <name> from <city> and this looks cool!" 😎

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