E27, E12, G9, MR16, G4 and other standard base bulb fixtures

Using non-LC lights and devices with LumenCache drivers is easy.
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E27, E12, G9, MR16, G4 and other standard base bulb fixtures

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There are many standards for AC electricity and even more bulb styles 220VAC, 110VAC, are the most popular with 24VAC and 12VAC used occasionally with old style magnetic transformers. The light bulb bases are even more diverse with the standard Edison screw-in E27 style and E12 (candelabra) being the most common. MR16 are typically 12VDC or AC and G4 are usually 12VDC only. E24 and G9 are also popular 110/220VAC styles.

Using standard socket fixtures is possible with LumenCache because the current of LEDs is a fraction of the incandescent bulbs the wires are sized for. Because LumenCache drivers and bulbs are smarter than a simple circuit breaker, a LumenCache DC bulb can be used with these fixtures.

A lot of dealers were having trouble sourcing standard base DC bulbs that were long lasting and dimmable. There's some 12V models made for the RV and remote living market, but they were experiencing short lifetimes and no dimming.

Today we have E27 A19 lambs, E12 C35 "torpedo" style candelabra and E27 G64 antique style bulbs with beautiful COB filaments in a pleasing warm 2700K color. The LumenCache DC bulbs are all dimmable and support the full 20-60VDC range (the tiny base of the E12 socket presently allows only 20-40VDC input so make one PDM 24V using the 48VDC/24VDC adapter if you're using the recommended 48VDC power source.

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