New L2-CC drivers make almost any remote driver light compatible

Using non-LC lights and devices with LumenCache drivers is easy.
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New L2-CC drivers make almost any remote driver light compatible

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Looking down the isles of Home Depot and Lowes I noticed the significant increase in Tunable White fixtures. This is great for the industry because LEDs come in so many color and light quality options that incandescent bulbs never had. So of course we received a lot of questions about "Will this light work with LumenCache?"

I bought 6 different lights that were typical "contractor grade" styles most often used by home builders. Thanks to the special wide diversity and 4 current settings of the L2-CC LED driver, every single one was compatible. Even the tunable white lights worked perfectly, just cut off the wire at the AC driver (never do this while powered!).

Remember, ALL LED lights are two parts: the Constant Current Driver, and the LED array. The LED Arrays are made of 1 or more LED chips and they all follow a few standard voltage and current ranges. The L2-CC driver regulates the current regardless of the voltage of the LED array so simply select the same current setting as the original AC driver output. The most common LED current is 300mA (also the default of the L2-CC). Choose a setting that's at or below the original AC driver. The light will output slightly lower light with the lower setting of course, but in most cases it will be imperceptible to the eye. LEDs are not linear to the human eye per unit of power supplied.

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