Controlling HID lights with Lumencache

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Controlling HID lights with Lumencache

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Is it conceivable to use Lumencache instead of a traditional ballast when using a 1000W High Intensity Discharge light in an industrial setting?

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Re: Controlling HID lights with Lumencache

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For control, yes. The nLights product is similar where it uses the Cat5 as a control bus. LumenCache simply lets you change the technology used so one section of your plant may have 0-10V controlled ballasts while a new section may have DALI controlled, and some other section may have a new technology we don't even know about yet. But we, or that company, will make an interface part for their new protocol and you don't need to upgrade an entire system just to add the new feature. Just pop in the card for that wire slot and away you go.

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