WebThings UI for EGW Gateway

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WebThings UI for EGW Gateway

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The WebThings Gateway Add-On is completed and available as a standard interface.
Thank you to Tim Hellhake from codecentric AG for developing and testing the driver and supporting the WebThings development.

If you already have an L2-EGW1 gateway, you can buy an extra memory card and follow the instructions for installing WebThings here:
https://webthings.io/docs/gateway-getti ... guide.html

Install the add-on: Image
Check the Settings | Developer | Internal Logs if unsuccessful. Try installing it again if it fails once.
Refresh the logs ans you should see it finding devices already.

Scan for new devices from the main Things Page: Image

Control on/off by clicking on the device to toggle. Image

Adjust the level by clicking on the Thing Icon above the device and use slider to adjust level: Image

Set a scene level: Image
If this is a new scene number, Scan for Devices to see the scene appear and allow name to be set: Image

It's a good idea to not change L2-DM ID numbers after configuring the UI as it will not track the changes. You can always delete unused Things and re-scan for devices if an ID changes.

Contact Derek if you would like this installed in Docker on your existing EGW.
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Re: WebThings UI for EGW Gateway

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This is really exciting, can't wait to get it installed and try it out.
Quick question. What firmware version in needed on the DMs to use this new tool?

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